Aims and Objectives

The educational program is based on the philosophy that: “True Education means more than the pursuit of a certain course of study.” It means more than a preparation for the life now. It has to do with the whole being and with the whole period of existence possible to man. Formation of a sound character of wholesome attitudes and proper habits is very essential for the promise of a successful life. It not only calls for more than the accumulation of facts or knowledge, but also the development of a sound philosophy of life.

To have meaningful Education, it must be holistic. The physical, social, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the student must receive attention and training. The programs are planned and executed with this objective in mind. Therefore, it is essential that both the parents/guardian and students co-operate in implementing the programs of the institution whole heartedly.


  • To emphasize the role of personal ethics and spiritual values in the lives of students.
  • To instill a sense of moral responsibility towards oneself and humanity as a whole.


  • To develop in students an analytical mind and the ability for independent and creative thinking.
  • To cultivate their understanding of the basic facts and principles of the major fields of study.
  • To develop an attitude of open-mindedness: consideration to controversial questions.


  • To promote in students an awareness of social obligations and good citizenship.
  • To develop habits of disciplined living and an pleasant behavior.
  • To participate in social activities, contributing to the development of social skills and a balanced personality.


  • To establish a consistent observance of a healthful life-style, fostering maximum physical vitality and health.
  • To promote abstinence from harmful substances and practices hazardous to health.
  • To emphasize intelligent use of leisure time.


  • To instill in students a sincere love and commitment for their country.
  • To nurture students into becoming well-educated citizens capable, productive and able to contribute to the progress of their community and country at large.